…from that point on, I then somehow got into television. I wanted to build studios in Lagos and you know, at that point in time I said ok, what do we do, how do we do it. You know, we actually took a trip to South Africa, Enahoro, Tayo and myself to go and look at studios in South Africa. And what I love about the way Tayo and Enahoro work is that they will simply say to you that, listen, we have never designed a studio before, at the point of the Protea Hotel, they have never done a hotel project before, but so therefore let learn from the best. So even during the Protea Hotel era, we all took a trip to South Africa. Even where I live now, they actually built it, you know, it’s a beautiful beautiful block in Ikoyi. Am also doing something for my mum and they helping me design that as well. They will continue to be a part of my life. Whatever it is I will do, I don’t think am going to have any type of project that I will call on somebody else.



Ebony Life TV

CCP designed this building here today, which was finished, I think 2003 and we later on build the warehouse across the way from us here which is another very good looking building for a warehouse. Since then we have worked on a couple of other projects, some small and recently we built a new factory in Kigali, Rwanda. After Kigali, we built Abuja, another Catering in Abuja. Hopefully they will stand the test of time



Airline Services & Logistics (ASL)

One of the most fascinating project Tayo has done for me is the place now called Bunu Sheriff Gardens, a block of 38 flats. The project was remarkable in 1991/1992. One of the projects that they designed for us which is not come to fruition is the Federal Secretariat. CCP was able to convert the Federal Secretariat to 480 luxury flats. The remarkable quality was the space management of the edifice.



Babalakin & Co.

The way Southern Sun was structured was such that the beginning was going to be designed in South Africa, CCP will participate in the design with the South Africans and then take it over. Now the problem is that at what point do you actually cutoff South Africa and Nigeria fully take over, it was extremely complicated. But the good thing was, because of the, I will say the professionalism of CCP and Tayo’s own hands-on involvement, in fact and even Zedomi who was also the person on the site everyday, it was actually well done. I mean, the best we could achieve, we achieved. I will be honest, I put the structures together, I knew it was complicated, however I saw we will pull it through and am so so so happy that I worked closely with CCP to pull it through.



Beta Consortium Ltd.

I and my chairman visiting some lands in Banana Island during 2006 which we have passed near to Rebecca Court and my Chairman was impressed by Rebecca Court and he said that when we will buy a land, we will ask the same people to build for us and in fact after few time, we have acquired a land at Temple road which we went and copy all the contact of the consultant on the board from Rebecca Court which it was CCP and one other consultant and business started from there. So the first project was at Temple road, we called it Grosvenor Court designed by CCP. When they have finished Grosvenor Court which is at Temple road, we were more than happy about their work and we have an old project which is been built, I think its on 1998, so we called them and we said come and do renovation for us, it is at Glover road. So they went and worked. So the second project was renovation and the new project we are doing with them is Kings Tower. Kings Tower belong to Skyview Nig. Ltd which is an office complex at Glover road, it is being designed by CCP



Skyview Nig. Ltd