The White Orchid House

Project info

  • Client: White Orchid Hospitality Limited
  • Status: Construction Ongoing
  • Location: Victoria Island, Lagos

The White Orchid House is an entertainment and leisure center comprising of 5 no. luxury cinemas, 20 – key boutique hotel, restaurant, bars, lounges, swimming pool and multipurpose hall. The design is a bespoke building with the design concept inspiration drawn from the green environment starting from the leafy shape of the curtain wall coupled with the intentional use of green tinted glass synonymous with most plant species to the use of wood grain imprinted Aluminum composite panels which symbolizes the back of a tree. The users of the building are welcomed through a proprietary tree -like entrance canopy made from steel and shaped in manners reminiscent of tree trunks and branches. The interiors of the hostel and entertainment building are laced with African elements but applied in a Scandinavian themed style. All these various elements came together to make for an interesting architectural masterpiece.